Constitution and By-Laws

Your Union had to delete the Constitution and By-Laws because additions had been made without the approval of the Executive Board.  These changes will be reviewed by the board during our January meeting.  We hope to be prepared to vote on the Constitution and By-Laws during our February meeting.


Our Spring Fling event

Several members enjoyed our first Spring Fling on March 12. We had guests, good food, and a good time getting to talk with each other. Those who attended signed a recommitment to their union. Everyone was given an insulated lunch bag with the TFP logo and words, "We Make a Difference Every Day." Check out photos from the event.

2010 TFP Agreement

Agreement between the Board of Directors Tacoma School District No. 10 and the Tacoma Federation of ParaEducators Local 461, AFT/AFL-CIO.

September 1, 2010 - August 31, 2013.


Waiver Days

Waiver days still present questions and confusion among the District. If you have any concerns about expectations, you should contact your building's Union Representative or call the Union office.


17th Century Nun's Prayer

We all recognize that Para's are busy people. While trying to balance our personal life and professional life, we sometimes overdue it. In the educational profession, it is especially easy to fall into a habit of wanting to do more than is necessary and take away anothers learning opportunity at the same time. While working one evening on a report, a friend of mine sent this to me. If it causes you to pause and smile, good. If you can think of someone to share this with, even better. Say it everyday and see if your days go a little easier for you.